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Woodworking Machine /Wooden Engraving Machine ZMD-1325A/Window/Door

Woodworking Machine /Wooden Engraving Machine ZMD-1325A/Window/Door
  • ZMD-1325A

Product Description

Product Description

 Classic product
 Machine size can be customize from 1300×1300mm to 3000×3000mm. 

-Employing imported high precision rolling ball screw possesses high accuracy and speed.
-Adopting constant power frequency adjustable water cooling spindle features good performance, large torque, and high efficiency.
-Intellective control of the processing speed, idle speed and down speed improves efficiency and quality of processing, also extends the tool's life time.
-CNC control system features recovery function by remembering the working coordinate and continue to work with breakpiont.
-Compatible with any advanced software such as Type3/Artcam/CAXA/UG/PRO-E/Mastercam/Ucancam and so on.

Classical black wood furniture, European style furniture, archaized furniture, figure of Buddha, bamboo handicraft, brick engraving, jade jewelry, artificial marble sculpture, copper or aluminum handicraft, hairpin, photo frame, art ware, toy, architecture model, decoration, advertising signs and scutcheon making, acrylic cutting, blister light boxes,  mobile phone panel,  electric appliance panel, moon cake mould making, etc.

Technical support:
A.   We  will  supply  the  machine  with  training  video  and  user' s  manual  in  English  for  operation,   maintenance  and  trouble-shooting,   and  shall  give  technical  guide  by  e-mail,   fax, telephone /MSN /ICQ/Skype  and  so  on,   when  you  meet  some  problems  of  installation,   using  or  adjusting.   
B.   You  can  come  to  our  factory  for  training.   We  will  offer  professional  guide.   Direct  and  effective  face-to-face  training.   Here  we  have  assembled  equipments,   all  sorts  of  tools  and  testing  facility.   Training  Time:   3~5  days  
C.   Our  engineer  will  do  a  door-to-door  instruction  training  service  at  your  local  site.   We  need  your  help  to  deal  with  the  visa  formality,   prepaid  traveling  expenses  and  accommodation  to  us  during  the  business  trip  and  service  period  before  their  dispatch.   It' s  better  to  arrange  a  translator  for  both  of  our  engineers  during  the  training  period.   Training  Time: 5~7  days 

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Add: No.98 Woyun Road,Economic Development Zone,Hefei City,Anhui Pruvince,P.R.China
Tel: 0551-63681101 / 63681102 / 63681103
Phone: +8618056571787
Email: sales02@camplus.cc

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