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As a professional R & D and manufacturer of CNC machinery and equipment, Anhui Camplus Intelligent  Equipment Co., Ltd. owns Carpentry Division and Aluminum Division - Kellow, which integrates production, sales and service. Machining center operation training, process technology training, CAM programming training, the overall process solutions for high-tech enterprises.
The company in the "only is the move, really will use" concept of talent, and constantly increase investment in human resources, outside the community to recruit talents, nurturing talent within the measures, have a technology to understand, will manage the professional team .
Camplus processing center widely used in aerospace, rail transportation, automobiles, ships, robots, new energy, solar photovoltaic, wind power, model molds, windows and doors curtain wall, panel furniture, solid wood furniture and other production areas.
The main products are: vertical machining center, profile three-axis machining center, profile four-axis machining center, profile five-axis single-arm machining center, bridge five-axis machining center, gantry five-axis machining center, gantry CNC engraving machine, fully automatic open Feeding machine, automatic loading and unloading CNC machining center, PTP CNC row drilling machine, double column composite machining center, horizontal drilling machine and many other CNC equipment. Camplus can be customized according to customer needs of non-standard CNC machine tools.

Company Philosophy


Integrity as the basic norms of

business activities, we regard

customers as growth partners; treat

people with sincerity to win the

trust of all people, all employees are

in good faith for the sake of the




Camplus to absorb industry

excellence, to build every employee

to demonstrate the value of life

platform to create a good working,

living and learning environment,

and provide good benefits and cost

of space, training, training people,

creating people, respect The

employee's work results, trust their

wisdom and ability.


Camplus emphasis on the personal

ability of employees, pay more

attention to the team's overall

ability to collaborate. Excellent team

is the carrier of Jintian Gabe

forward, teamwork determines the

pace of Jintian Gabe's progress.





New Technology and New Products

are the motivation for Camplus to

maintain its rapid growth. Persistent

R& D and innovation are among

the top reasons why we are at the

forefront of the industry. We

encourage staff innovation, pay

more attention to system


Corporate Style

If you have any question, please contact us, we will reply you in 24 hours! 
Add: No.98 Woyun Road,Economic Development Zone,Hefei City,Anhui Pruvince,P.R.China
Tel: 0551-63681101 / 63681102 / 63681103
Phone: +8618056571787

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