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Pre-sale Service

 Accepts the client consultation, free provides pulls the service;
 According to the client product processing demand, recommends the most practical computer only;
 In the condition permission's situation, may arrange the client to carry on the visit to our company existing client factory, real finds out Our company computer's user service condition.
Matters needing attention
  • Must note main axle's function, engraving machine's carving electrical machinery has the performance difference is the huge difference. Some engraving machine power is small suitably to make every day the short time shallow vulture only, but was too small as a result of the carving power and has affected its application scope greatly. Another kind is the high efficiency carves head's engraving machine, this kind of engraving machine influentials is two categories, one category is the great width cutter: Width generally above a meter, but this kind of engraving machine's precision is generally bad; Another category is the width moderate engraving machine: This kind of engraving machine applies generally in the fine processing and the organic product label manufacture.
  • Must understand that carves electrical machinery's performance and the function, engraving machine's carving electrical machinery is also very essential, because carves an electrical machinery not to belong to the maintenance scope generally, but carves an electrical machinery is also the long time continuous working, if will therefore carve an electrical machinery not to be good will also affect engraving machine's use.
  • Furthermore is the carving electrical machinery's speed adjustable range, the general speed adjustable range is each minute several thousand to 30,000 revolutions, if the speed not adjustable or the speed adjustable range is small, then explained that this engraving machine application scope receives the very big limit, because carves the different material to use a different carving rotational speed.
  • Engraving machine main body fabrication technology: The high efficiency engraving machine works when requires the main body to want to be precise and to be stable certainly, therefore, the long-term high efficiency carving should use the casting main body to be able to guarantee its working accuracy and the stability.
  • The controller also divides into two categories generally: A category of controller only makes the actuation, but its all operation work completes by the computer, when the engraving machine works the computer is at the waiting status, is unable to carry on the typesetting work. Another category of controller uses the single trigger or the monolithic integrated circuit check, this kind of controller in fact is a computer, so long as therefore the engraving machine works from the very beginning, the computer may carry on other typesetting work immediately, when specially long time carving, this superiority is specially obvious.
  • The lead screw and the guide rail are also engraving machine's important components, the good lead screw and the guide rail are when the engraving machine long-term uses its precision and performance guarantee.

Sale of Services

 Free for the customer set-up, the debugging, the training operators, the training content is as follows:
    Machine operation run training;
    Processing craft instruction;
    Control system's kneading board and parameter setup, parameter selection scope training;
    Computer's basic clean processing and current maintenance;
    Common hardware or processing unusual failure processing;
    Computer question which should note in the operation;
    Provides its produces the product for the user the correlation technique support.
 Within one year free bestows one time two training service.
Matters needing attention
  • The conditions must meet computer's work requirement.
  • The working voltage must between 210V-230V, if the voltage does not gather the requirement, then must use the voltage-stabilized source. Because in the market the voltage-stabilized source quality question are many, therefore uses the voltage-stabilized source must solicit the motive power company or its authorized business agent's authorization (power above 2000W, generally weight should above 15 kilograms).
  • The power source must have the good earth (to have grounding), otherwise, good receives the cabinet the earth the conductor (for example: The water pipe, the warm air pipeline, the metal door, install grounding and so on. ) when 4, operations must note the safety certainly; The engraving machine belongs to the machine-finishing device, should require according to engine bed's operation to carry on the operation, cannot wear the glove, cannot contact the engraving machine to belong to the specialized device, if presents the breakdown various to relate promptly with the dealer, only then, in solicits underneath the situation which the dealer permitted to be possible please the specialists to service.
  • Notice maintenance: In uses in the process to strengthen engraving machine's maintenance certainly, with the aim of lengthening engraving machine's service life as far as possible. After each time uses the engraving machine, must note certainly the engraving machine cleaning is clean, Canada greases on the guide rail, in order to avoid the computer receives the conditions to corrode, because the motive power engraving machine has used the self lubrication wear-resisting lead screw, therefore needs one quarter in the use to add the lubricant only.
  • Main axle electrical machinery's use: Engraving machine's carving electrical machinery maintains for half year, we use the carving electrical machinery for the frequency conversion water cooling electrical machinery, the value is high, must therefore note electrical machinery's correct use certainly. Electrical machinery's rotational speed and its life are in reverse proportion. The electrical machinery revolves when must guarantee the water cycle certainly, and adds the right amount antiseptic, the electrical machinery uses when must note the parameter which in the reference manual provides to carry on the selection.
  • Main axle electrical machinery safeguarding: If appears carves the situation or the electrical machinery rotational speed not uniform situation which the electrical machinery stops transfers, please immediately the dump and relate the service with the dealer. If in the electrical machinery stops in the situation which transfers the electrical machinery not to be able to add the electricity, otherwise the electrical machinery will burn down immediately after the circle, asks the user to use time will note certainly.
  • Chuck's safeguarding: Between the electrical machinery chuck and the cutting tool is depending on the metal friction fixed, therefore installs the cutting tool to refuel, prevents the long time not to disassemble or the refrigerant corrodes causes the disassemblage difficulty.
  • When cutting cannot add the refrigerant: Carries on when cutting with the column knife (refers to lumber, plexiglass, snow floats board and so on), will add refrigerant serious influence cutting to spit the filings to discharge causes the cutting tool to break off.
  • Power source safeguarding: The redundant starting time interval do not be short in 30 seconds.
  • Fan maintenance: Periodic cleaning fan dust.
  • Driver's safeguarding: When power failure cannot move X, Y, the Z three axle position forcefully. 13th, actuation card safeguarding: Holds the computer case interior is clean, the card must fix tightly.
  • Training requirement
  • Rationale: The training work must start from the theory training work, the operators must in the theory inspection through the situation underneath may carry on actual operation training. If theory training has not passed, then firm cannot carry on operation training.
  • Cutting tool's use question: After theory training, must carry on cutting tool's training. The operators can to the common cutting tool, the carving electrical machinery rotational speed, the approaching speed, the matters needing attention and so on, probably be clear, the operators must be familiar with cutting tool's application.
  • Material application scope: The operators must be familiar with each material the application scope, familiar different material quality, different thickness, different end product size and so on. Familiar different material different carving mode.
  • Each kind of software's operation: After the above training only then carries on software training. Software's training mainly concentrates in the user application domain; The aspect does not need which regarding the user may study independently based on the training handbook. Software's requirement is: Software's each kind of typesetting, each kind of operation, the path generation, can discover the path rapidly the error and so on.
  • Machine operation training: After process each kind of training, the process trains the personnel the explanation and operators' understanding inspection: Carries on the operational safety and operation matters needing attention training to the operators, by trains the personnel after the operational safety Italy item the signature authorization, the operators only then carry on machine operation training.
  • The engraving machine operates each kind of matters needing attention and engraving machine maintenance training.

After-sales Service

 Complete machine non-artificial operation use not, when outside maintains for one year, lifelong services;
 Momentarily accepts the client to request repairs the information, and makes the fast response and the solution immediately, must visit to the client factory emergency case, pledges within 72 hours to carry on the trouble shooting for the customer;
 The assistance client's control system upgrades, software upgrade and updating equipment and so on other value-added service;
 Pays a return visit the client regularly, and provides the good recommendation to the computer current maintenance.
Post-sale service
This company technical personnel visit to install the service responsibly, the engine bed date of one year from in the purchase the free maintenance. Outside the warranty period, this company will continue for the client to provide the compensated service and lifelong to maintain the service.
Breakdown contact mode: The client must list the engine bed breakdown situation, the unit name, the address, the telephone, the contact person clearly by the written form, and the facsimile to this company, by facilitates our technical personnel diagnosis reason and the determination must bring what kind of spare parts to visit to overhaul, prevents because of the non-zero fitting to be unable the engine bed to repair promptly. 
Visits the maintenance time to pledge: By receives in the facsimile recording 24 hours to send out the technical personnel to visit certainly to serve. Technical advisory work telephone:021-64422270
This company may make the engine bed annual inspection, the periodic maintenance service for a long time for the client and 24 hour in visits the service, the fixed price charge or discusses in person the consultation.

The round turns fulfill the engine bed to use and to service the service term responsibility
The client presents any breakdown in the engine bed use process, may momentarily inform this company, this company will be responsible to send out the technical personnel to visit to overhaul the service. The client has the engine bed breakdown problem in the normal use process, from buys computer in the date one year to be responsible for the free service by this company, but needs to replace any fitting expense by the client from pays, each kind of fitting charge by fair pricing collection. (three months damage the fitting exams after the technical personnel is the quality question, may free replace first by this company. )
Because the client used other companies to program the software to modify engine bed's control system to have the breakdown problem, when our technical personnel visited the overhaul, as soon as passed through the detection, pressed stipulation of standard collection maintenance cost this company compensated service, this company was not responsible for the free maintenance.
In order to guarantee the engine bed normal operation, the client must detail the qualified engine bed operators, and carries on maintenance safeguarding regularly to the engine bed. If the client not qualified operators, must carry on training, may with this company or Manufacturer contacting, this company will be warm for the general clients provides the technical training service, the price liberally.
Because the operators violate the working instruction to create the engine bed breakdown or the operator personal technical question cause the engine bed not to be able to act normally, and goes bad take the engine bed as by requires this company to send for to visit to service or the service, the normal service all presses 300 Yuan/time charges (far way according to zone road high speed charge, major damage's breakdown is discussed or negotiated separately).
Warranty period from now on, according to zone position under price charge. After this company technical personnel receive the client breakdown facsimile, namely the reply facsimile quoted price, the client after agreeing Our company quotes price the signature recognition feedback, Our company namely sends for to visit to service. When services the engine bed to finish, and is related after the client the personnel recognize normally, the client must immediately pay in full the related maintenance cost.
Supplied for oneself the technical personnel is to enable the client to buy computer at that time, the engine bed obtained the prompt high use, as well as will obtain the prompt post-sale service in the next use process. In the engine bed debugging process, this company technical personnel in detail will introduce engine bed's use function, the maintenance and the use matters needing attention to the client. The client operators must observe the procedure operation.
This company sends out the technical personnel will receive the earnest manner for the customer service. If the client has any comment or to technical personnel's work service attitude to this company unsatisfied and phenomena and so on unreasonable service; go-as-you-pay, please momentarily come the electricity suit, so that we can serve well for you.

The following breakdown is not the maintenance scope
Whatever belongs the machinery normal wear to cause the translator unit to have exceptionally, the guide pulley, the bearing and so on vulnerable replacement, operates the precision and the smooth finish question which causes improper, as well as artificial or the force majeure (for example thunder stroke, operation do not note create engine bed's water leakage to cause the engine bed breakdown which engine bed leakage short circuit and so on) creates. The above breakdown like must service is the paid service.
If you have any question, please contact us, we will reply you in 24 hours! 
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