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  • 2018-07-11

    2018 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition
    2018 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition will be held in
  • 2018-07-06

    The 20th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair
    The 20th China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair will be held in Guangzhou
  • 2018-06-04

    Anhui Camplus will participate in the 19th Chengdu Furniture Fair from June 6th to June 9th. A variety of furniture production equipment will be on site. Welcome to negotiate.
  • 2017-09-25

    Industry 4.0 time furniture industry manufacture model
    “the industry 4.0 " is take the intelligent manufacture as the leadership " the fourth Industrial Revolution ", was already considered that is direction which the global manufacturing industry will future develop, namely " industry 4.0 times ". At present, the Chinese economy already entered the new habit, its economic growth even more will regard the innovation. Therefore, 4.0 " and " the Internet + " will become the traditional industry reforming upgrade and the economic development power take " the industry as the main melody innovation actuation. The author mainly outlined " the industry 4.0 ", “the Internet +”, “China has made 2025”, aspect contents and so on furniture industry manufacture model, simultaneously had pointed out the furniture industry took the traditional manufacturing industry, should base on the solid industry foundation, the model " the industry 4.0 " the strategic thought that the positive exploration " the manufacturing industry + Internet ", caused the furniture industry with the aid of + " to implement the quality promotion and the reforming upgrade in " the Internet.
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