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HC2-1325BF(L) Plate procuction line equipment


Function identity


The automated high-quality goods, optimize the material, make the vertical hole, the automated yummy treats working procedure are not interrupted, the processing completes from processes the plate the floor to push down automatedly, facilitates the operators to take the material, and omits slows down the time, implements the efficiency to deliver the maximization.

Machine control interface design user-friendly, the fool type operation, the operator then gos on duty after simple training.

This product uses the Italian main axle, Japan servo drive system and Taiwan advantage tea speed reducer, the French Shinaide electric appliance part and so on imports the part, the stable property.

The floor adsorbs the floor for the vacuum, but force adsorption different area material.

May elect to post the sign manually.


Application profession

The panel furniture, the cabinet closet, the office furniture, has custom-made the furniture.

Technical parameter

Work table Table

Work table size Table size

1220× 2440 mm

Processing stroke

X axis

1840 mm

Y axis

3300  mm

Z axis

250 mm

Work piece highly Working height

160 mm

Displacement speed
Rapid speed

X&Y axis


Z axis


PowerMain power

Main axle power Spindle power

6KW/18000RPM/HSD/manual/forced-air cooling

6KW/ 18000RPM/HQD/Manual/Forced-air cooling

Was mad that the platoon drills power Spindle power


Vacuum pump Vacuum pump



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Add: No.98 Woyun Road,Economic Development Zone,Hefei City,Anhui Pruvince,P.R.China
Tel: 0551-63681101 / 63681102 / 63681103
Phone: +8618056571787

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