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L1325APLinear Automatic Tool Changing/Wood Working Processing Machine

Line Type Automatic Tool Changing Machining Center

Technical Parameter

Table Table size 1220× 2440 mm
Max.working stroke X axis 1320 mm
Y axis 2540 mm
Z axis 250 mm

X&Y axes 50M/min
Rapid speed Z axis 15M/min
Main power Spindle power Chinese 9KW/ISO30/24000RPM
Vacuum pump 7.5kw-250m3/h
Control system Brand Syntec
Model 6MB
Tool magazine Type Line type tool magazine with 8 pcs tools
L1325AP Standard configuration
◆ Chinese 9KW spindle
◆  Imported reducer
◆  Fuling inverter 380V 11KW*1
◆ Yaskawa servo motor , X/Y axis 850W,Z axis750W brake
◆ X&Y axis with with helical rack/ Z axis with screw drive
◆  SYNTEC 6MB system
◆ Automatic lubrication
◆ Vacuum pump 7.5kw-250m3/h
◆ 8 pcs tools with line type and automatic tool changing
◆ Pushing device
Furniture,cupboard doors,wood door,solid wood,panel door/window/desk/chair.
●Decoration Industry:screen,wave board,large wall,advertising panel,sign making.


Standard Configuration:
1. Chinese 9KW Spindle
2. LM reducer from Taiwan
3. Fuling Inverter 380V 11KW*1
4. Servo 850W for X/Y Axis,750W with brake for Z Axis
5. Herion Rack transmission on X&Y axes  / PMI Ball screw on Z axis / PMI rails
6. Syntec 6MB control system
7. Automatic oil lubrication
8. Water cycling vacuum pump 7.5kw-250m3/h
9. Line type automtic tool changing system ,tool magazine with 8 pcs tools.
10. Automatic pusher system
If you have any question, please contact us, we will reply you in 24 hours! 
Add: No.98 Woyun Road,Economic Development Zone,Hefei City,Anhui Pruvince,P.R.China
Tel: 0551-63681101 / 63681102 / 63681103
Phone: +8618056571787

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